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Did you know that 43% of employed Americans spend time each week working remotely? And that freelancers currently make up 36% of the American workforce— and are forecast to become the workforce majority within a decade?

These people aren’t going to a corporate office every day; they are working from coffee shops, co-working spaces, hotels — anywhere there is Wi-Fi access. Often, they need to print hard copies, but have no way to do so when they are working remotely. Your business can benefit by offering Push Print to customers exactly where they need it.

Coffee Shops

If you own a coffee shop, you know that remote workers are vital customers. By offering them an option for printing, you can help differentiate your business and ensure repeat business and loyalty. Not only that, but you can generate extra revenue for your business as well.

Co-working Spaces

Push Print offers a turnkey printing solution for your co-working space. Your members get a simple, high-quality printing solution — and you don’t have to deal with setup, billing or supply. We offer flexible plans that can meet the unique needs of your business and your members.

Multi-Family Housing

Offering printing services in your building can be an enticing perk for tenants — it means that they don’t have to own their own printers. With Push Print, you can offer this amenity without the hassles of managing and maintaining your own printers, all while generating extra revenue for your business.


Push Print takes printing beyond the typical hotel “business center” setup by allowing guests to print from wherever they might be on the property — from restaurant to guest room. We make printing easy for you and your guests and offer a revenue opportunity.

Push Print makes it simple for you to offer your customers the convenience of printing in the places they live and work — and benefit your business in the process. Contact us today to help set up your Push Print location.

Partner with Push Print

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